Our tools make knowledge accessible, actionable

Technology has led our charge during the last decade. We have invested in ideas and people. We innovate tools and processes designed to create efficiency. We listen to your ideas and your needs. We create solutions.

We have developed a custom small group quoting platform that streamlines the quoting process and allows us to generate quotes from multiple carriers for a group very quickly. Our quoting engine extracts the quote data from the carrier’s website and compiles the information into a dynamic illustration package that shows a comparison of plan options tailored specifically for your client. Our tools and processes significantly decrease the amount of time and resources you allocate to preparing quotes, allowing you and your staff to focus on other important areas such as sales and customer service.

Our staff uses virtual desktops and we remain constantly connected through a state-of-the art voicemail system. We interface with all electronic mobile devices and operate under multiple software platforms utilizing the latest in technologies. We can react to a change without interruption of services.

It’s our intent to remain connected to you through the use of technology, ideas, innovation and marketplace opportunities.